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Nigerian Murderer Pleads For Forgiveness From Victim’s Ghost (Video)


Kingsley Agbaire of Warri, Delta State in Nigeria murdered his friend and business associate, Lawrence Okoh, on August 4th of this year after a botched sale of auto parts that turned into murder.

Suspicions were raised by Okoh’s wife after he did not return to his home in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Friends and family tried to reach Okoh after he stated that some of the parts he brought out to Agbaire were now missing and Agbaire was nowhere to be found.

Okoh was warned to leave Warri after this incident but Agbaire convinced Okoh to stay in the area, which has a dangerous reputation.

On the evening on August 4th, Okoh’s wife tried to reach him by cell phone but the person who answered told Okoh’s wife that she had reached the wrong number.

A police investigation revealed that Okoh had been murdered.

When Agbaire was taken into custody he pleaded to Okoh’s ghost for forgiveness and it was captured on video…

Police would later discover Agbaire had disabled Okoh’s cell phone and had been identified as the one who had sold the missing auto parts to a dealer in Warri.

For weeks Agbairer stalled in discussing Okoh’s whereabouts, saying at first he had simply left Agbaire’s residence on August 3rd.

Eventually, Agbaire was begged by Okoh’s wife to disclose her husband’s whereabouts.

This time, Agbaire broke down and confessed to killing Okoh with a bottle to the head after they had ‘rendered him weak’ in some unknown fashion.

Agbaire lead authorities to where Okoh was buried face down in a dump and when arriving at the scene asked authorities to loosen his restraints so he could beg for forgiveness from his former business partner.

He also claimed that he spotted Okoh’s ghost in the gathering crowds and this was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube:

Agbaire stated: “Lawrence, forgive me. It was the devil that pushed me into killing you. You did not offend me in any way. Please forgive me.”

Please forgive me.”

No other information is available about this crime at the time of writing.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Ebalsblog)

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