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Abandoned Places

Picture of Asylum Ghost Captured in Wales?


ghostly-face-asylum-wales-uk-real-pics-ghost-photo-photographThe Daily Mirror recently published a photograph taken by one Adam Smith, who walking past the Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum, which is located in Wales.

The asylum opened in 1903 and was also where German prisoners were kept after capture during World War Two. The site has been fully closed since 1999.

Smith was recently walking by the abandoned structure when he snapped a photo which to show a terrifying face in an upper window of the building.


‘Bumps’ in the Night: Prostitutes Mistaken for Ghosts


We all know the classical signs of a haunting by a ghost: Strange noises, cold spots, feelings of dread and the occasional item thrown.

However, as some in the Zhejiang province in China recently discovered, the ghosts they encountered did not just go bump in the night but bumped, grinded and probably did many other terrifying acts not seen since the crucifix scene in The Exorcist.


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This is a formal invitation to come join us at our forums, Death By Posting.

Here you will find discussions and news items on everything from Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, Weird News  and other strange and paranormal related topics.

Currently I am looking to have a membership drive and would love it if you would stop by, register and come chat with us.


We Will Be Back Soon!

Just wanted to write a quick post to let all of our followers know that the lack of new content since late May was caused by a personal issue and the site (which bless you all still gets decent hits for something that has not see a new post in awhile) will be back to bringing you the latest ghostly news ASAP.

Also, a site expansion will take place soon where there is a links page for websites as well as a state by state listing of any and all paranormal groups we can find!

The ‘official’ launch of NFSW is not until October and we plan on a special article each day in October as well as hopefully some give aways if I can arrange them.

All in all just know that this site is only sleeping, not dead and will be back soon.

Any questions or comments can be sent to me at this email:

We are also always looking for content writers to help us grow and would also love to hear your personal true ghost story.

Thanks for your time, hope to see you again soon.

Thomas Spychalski

Writer/Editor News From The Spirit World

Sanatorium Duran: History and Photos

Sanatorium Duran, also known as the Carlos Durán Sanatorium, is a beautiful abandoned hospital located in the province of Cartago in Costa Rica. Originally built for Tuberculosis patients in the early twentieth century, it is now a great place for urban exploration.

The location also has had it’s share of ghostly tales over the years as well including the ghosts of a nun that once treated the sick patients.


Bachelor’s Grove: (History/Pics/Videos)

By Thomas Spychalski

Bachelor’s Grove has become one of those haunted locations that has become infamous, along with places like Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Gettysburg, The Queen Mary and the Amityville Horror House.

Fortunately, I had the privilege of living very close to Bachelors Grove cemetery for many years and have visited it quite a few times. In fact, the first time I was there is the only time in my life that I might have had a ‘paranormal’ experience that I could not chalk up to circumstance or something logical and simple.

Bachelors Grove is also a tale of neglect and being forgotten, swept away by the constant march of time. It as much an ‘abandoned place’ as a haunted location.