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Liebster Blog Award

Well, Patrick over at The Big Seance was nice enough to nominate this blog for a Liebster Blog Award, which essentially is a ongoing ritual Bloggers apparently do that I was unaware of.

The Liebster Blog Award is said to have begun in Germany, as the word Liebster translates to favorite or dearest. The rules state that the blog has to have 200 followers or less, but as I have no idea if that means all followers combined from Facebook, Twitter or WordPress, I will just go ahead and pick five blogs deserving attention in my mind.


‘Ghost’ Plays Loud Music, Throws Beer Cans

'Haunted' House in Hull

Recently I wrote a post that described a wife abuser who blamed bruises as well as the marks on his wife’s neck on a ghost. At the time, I thought that news items where people on the wrong side of the law blamed the paranormal for their crimes would be few and far between.

That was before I read about twenty year old Leanne Fennell of East Yorkshire in the UK, who blames the resident ghost in her Hull house for her numerous noise and littering violations.


Sanatorium Duran: History and Photos

Sanatorium Duran, also known as the Carlos Durán Sanatorium, is a beautiful abandoned hospital located in the province of Cartago in Costa Rica. Originally built for Tuberculosis patients in the early twentieth century, it is now a great place for urban exploration.

The location also has had it’s share of ghostly tales over the years as well including the ghosts of a nun that once treated the sick patients.


Three Men and a Baby Ghost: (Paranormal Cardboard)

This is an urban legend I once fell hook, line and sinker for.

I first heard of the ‘ghost boy’ who appeared in the film Three Men and a Baby when my dad told me about it after reading the story in a magazine. The story said that if you went to a certain part of the movie, a little boy could be seen in the background and that little boy had died in the apartment the film was shot in.

In short, the little boy in the background of the film…was a ghost.


Pub Going Ghost Smokes/Pinches Bottoms

When you think about ghosts you usually think about cliche manifestations such as cold spots, phantom footsteps and unearthly voices.

But how about a ghost that would rather smoke and pinch bottoms then rattle chains and open doors?

The Queens Arms pub, in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, has just this sort of spectral patron.


Ghostly Pics: The Raynham Hall Ghost

This is another relatively infamous ghost photo which was taken at Raynham Hall in Norfolk in 1936. It was taken by two photographers for Country Life magazine, which made its name highlighting the pleasures of living in the country and used photographs of various stately homes as evidence of this. According to the story, the two journalists were doing just such a photo shoot when they saw the ghost descending the stairs and quickly took this photograph.


Tiny Triangle Shaped House (Photo)

Japan’s major cities have a well known lack of living space  for it’s residents and that means that the space that is available has to be used to the fullest.

That is definitely what the designers at Mizuishi Architect Atelier did and excelled at when they built this two story house on a tiny triangular lot in Tokyo.


Moon Sunk Titanic

Today, April, 15th 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, claiming 1, 514 lives and becoming a legend that has endured for a century.

While it is pretty much common knowledge that the Titanic sunk due to an iceberg, researchers revealed last month what might have been the real culprit in the disaster:  The Moon.


UFOs From A Plane? (Videos)

For some strange reason it seems to have become fashionable to see, report and capture images of UFOs from commercial aircraft.

We reported on one of the incidents last month, when a passenger took pics of a purported UFO while on a flight from the UK to Cypress.

Well now the aliens must plan on visiting both New York and South Korea as two more UFO sightings have popped up over the last few days, this time with videos.

Both videos are reported to have been taken on the same day: April, 7th, 2012.


Photo: Iceberg That Sank The Titanic

By Thomas Spychalski

It will be one hundred years since the cruise ship Titanic sank in  the Atlantic ocean in 1912. The event cost 1,514 people their lives after the ship collided with an iceberg.

Now the only known alleged picture of the iceberg that took down the Olympic Class ocean liner is to be auctioned off.