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‘Grey Lady’ Ghost Attends College

One of the main concerns in our modern society is education. The traditional thinking is that many different aspects of one’s life, from affording adequate health care to having enough food in your stomach can be affected by your level of education.

If you have enough education, you can do anything…

So it should be no surprise that a couple of female students at Otago‘s Cumberland College reported strange odors, cold spots and a dark figure on campus.

After all, a ghost has a right to an education as well doesn’t it?


Ghostly Pics: Lord Combermere’s Ghost

In 1891 an amateur photographer named Sybell Corbet decided that as the entire household of the Combermere Abbey was attending the funeral of the late Lord Combermere four miles away, it would be a good time to take interior photos of the abbey while it was quiet.

This included the Combermere Abbey Library, where she set up her camera hoping to get good results using the natural light coming into the room. The Abbey had been around since 1133 after being founded by monks and some of the interiors are simply stunning making them an easy muse for a photographer.

However, Corbet got a bit more then she bargained for when besides the interior of the library she also captured what appeared to be a ghostly figure in one of the rooms chairs. Could this be the ghost of Lord Combermere himself, visiting his home once last time while his funeral was taking place a short distance away?


The Ghost & The Pole Dancer (Pics/Video)

We all have a certain ideal setting that comes to mind when we talk about ghosts, be it an old creepy house on a stormy night, a cemetery or a abandoned asylum.

However they always say truth is much stranger then fiction so perhaps we should not be surprised when a story arises about a haunted pole dancing studio, complete with both video and photographic evidence.


Monolith On Mars?

When I say “monolith” you may think of the monoliths that featured in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In that ground breaking film, the monoliths were part of an experiment by an alien race to see how far a race could evolve after the aliens introduced the idea of tools to our ape like ancestors and brought a giant leap forward into the evolution of life on the planet Earth.

There was a monolith buried on the moon in the film and when it was discovered four million years after it was placed there, it contacted the aliens that built it to let them know that the Humans had gone from apes using bone derived weapons used to hunt to mastering space exploration.

Now scientists from the University of Arizona have found what appears to be a similar looking object on the surface of the planet Mars.

Is this a photographic illusion or something that proves life may imitate fiction?


Ghostly Pics: S.S. Watertown Ghosts

In December of 1924, James Courtney and Michael Meehan were killed by gas fumes aboard the ship S.S. Watertown. The two men, who were part of the ship’s crew, had been overcome by the fumes while they were cleaning a cargo tank on board the vessel.

The S.S. Watertown was in the middle of a journey between New York City and the Panama Canal at the time of the two deaths and the men were given a burial at sea off the Mexican coast.

However, the next day at dusk, and for several days there after, the crew claimed to see the faces of the two dead men in the waves in the water near the ship. When the ship came to port in New Orleans, the ship’s Captain, Keith Tracy bought a camera, hoping to capture the apparitions.

After setting off from New Orleans the faces appeared again, and Tracy took six photos of the ghosts before locking the camera and it’s film in a safe till the voyage’s end.

It was these events that spawned one the most famous ghost photos ever, and one of the most popular pictures proving that there was indeed life after death.

However, new research conducted in 2010 may make you change your mind about one of the most famous ghostly pics of all time…


Woman Sees Ghost After One Night Stand

A woman in Harare, Zimbabwe claims that after having a one night stand with a man from Nigeria, ghosts began to follow her around and made her life a living hell.


Drink Pouring Ghost Caught on Camera (Pic)

Apsley House Pub

It seems that for some reason, ghosts just love going down to a pub for a drink just like the rest of us, but it seems some also want to play bartender and pose for photographs as well!

That appears to be the case with the spirited spirit that haunts the Apsley House in Southsea, Hants, where the alleged ghost of a former barman tops off your drinks.


Optical Illusion “Busts” Bloody Mary Game

Bloody Mary…Bloody Mary..Bloody Mary…

That is the incantation that you are supposed to chant in front of a mirror if you want Bloody Mary to appear. It has been the highlight of many a Halloween party and children’s sleepover for decades.

However, before you summon Mary in all her variations or test your belief in the Bell Witch by saying an incantation in front of a mirror, science has to say a couple words on the matter and invites you to take a little visual test as well to prove it’s point.