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The Demon Of Facebook?

jc-2Browsing social media I could not help to notice that reports of clowns had died down and in its place for the newly minted year were demons.

Yes, demons.

Rather one particular demon (or angel if you think that is what this image is), which has been making the rounds across social media and tons of news outlets since it was posted on Facebook on Sunday.

So what the hell is it?

An angel?

A demon?

A hoax?

Well, one thing is for sure it is one odd image but there are other possibilities…

The photo was posted at sometime Sunday night by Facebook user Richard Christianson of Phoenix, Arizona while he was a couple hours away in Tucson.

After snapping the creepy pic, Richards asked his online friends what it exactly was he had taken a picture of?

Soon the picture was being shared all over social media and by the start of the work week, it was also being picked up by news agencies of all kinds worldwide.

The picture has even started religious debates over whether this is a sign of the Lord of a sign of the Devil.

Before you go rush out and buy that holy water just yet, let’s take a step back here.

First, Christianson seems to have no connection with the paranormal or religious worlds at all, so I see no signs to say he has any interest in that kind of subject matter, so if it is genuine he was not ‘hunting’ for it in that sort of manner. and also a large number of his Facebook photos are not set to

Also, a large number of his Facebook photos are not set to private, so that shows unless he changed the settings after taking the ‘demon pic’ that he does indeed let some of his online photos to be viewed by the public. It would have been odd if they were all private but his profile photos and the one of the demon.

rc-1Christianson has also ‘Gone fishin’ from Facebook, as evidenced by this photo.

So it seems, along with comments from his friends on public posts, that he has no interest in the demon picture or gaining any more publicity from it.

Although he did say he saw the thing go up into the sky at some point before making the picture private, but it was New Years after all.

So what do I think?

That is either a very large Christmas prop or decoration of an angel or, even more simply it is a palm tree at night taken from a low pixel camera at night.

Could be right could be wrong, but doubt this is really either a demon or an angel, if the pic was taken in Washinton D.C. I could see the demon thing but nah, there is a much simpler explanation to this viral photo.

What do you think this picture is of?

Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share and like us on social media!

Thomas Spychalski

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