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Does Video Prove Life After Death?


Reported by both  The Daily Star and The Indian Express,, a recently uploaded YouTube video claims to show a spirit rising from a recently deceased person in a hospital in China.

Uploaded on August, 2nd, 2016 by the ‘Crazy Worldvdos’ channel, it has quickly reached nearly one-hundred and eighty views and has begun to circulate around the usual paranormal news and discussion sites on the internet.

In the video, a ghostly shape can be seen rising from the hospital bed and moving towards a doorway at the top of the screen as purportedly caught by the CCTV cameras at the hospital.

Now usually these videos can easily be seen for the fakes that they are and this one is definitely not the exception to the rule:

From the perfectly visible ‘ghost,’ that just looks like a man in a sheet to the fact that the ‘spirit’ needs to use a door to get out of the room, this video is not very credible at all.

As usual, if it seems too good to be true it most likely is.

There is also the creepy music and sound effects and the question of why at the end of the footage does the camera seems to go in for a close-up of the room before getting slight jostled? A CCTV is usually fixed in most cases, especially a model that would have the kind of video quality show in the upload.

A CCTV is usually fixed in most cases, especially a model such as the ones that would have the kind of video quality shown in the upload.

Not to mention that the channel itself seems to have uploaded different ‘click-bait’ videos, as evidenced by the abundance of pop-up links that pretty much make the video of the ‘ghost’ unwatchable anyway.

There may indeed be life after death, but this is not the evidence that will prove it.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Indian Express)

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