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Ghost Girl Haunts Macquarie Fields Train Station


Macquarie Fields train station was built in 1888 just outside the city of Sydney, Australia and has remained in use as a train station for the area ever since.

Along the way the train station has acquired more then just lost baggage and passengers who missed their train.

Macquarie Fields is also the home of a ghostly girl that appears at the station long after all the trains have stopped running at night and the passengers are all at their destinations.

This lost spirit has seemed to have lost her ticket to the other side…


Candy Man: The Truth Behind Poisoned Halloween Candy Scares


If you grew up in the last half century or so, the tradition of checking your Halloween candy after coming home from Trick or Treating was a commonplace event of your childhood.

There could be a razor blade stuck in your Taffy Apple or a loose wrapper on your peanut butter cup that may mean poison.

Like most things though, especially those connected to a holiday like Halloween, truth is often stranger (and sometimes scarier) then fiction.

The first question is: Has a child ever died from candy connected to the holiday of Halloween?


That fact stated, the truth behind the fear of a murderer targeting children through poisoned holiday sweets is a bit more complex and interesting…


Paranormal Creatures: Jersey Devil

426px-Jersey_Devil_Philadelphia_Post_1909 crytids

For millennium, people across the globe have been interacting with forces that can’t be explained.  Things science has yet to fully acknowledge. Creatures that are not just part of our present, but our past.  You will never read their tales in an academic history book.

However, they have always been part of our cultures.  This is what I call Paranormal History.
It was a dark and stormy night in 1735 when Mrs. Janet Leeds gave birth to her thirteenth child.  Upon finding out she was pregnant she stated that this child would be the devil.  Despite her curse, she gave birth to a healthy and normal looking baby boy.

Suddenly the innocent appearing child transformed into a beast with the head of a goat, wings of a bat, hooves for feet, and a forked tail.  With a growl and a scream, it murdered the midwife that birthed it before flying out the chimney and into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.  This is a popular version of the legendary Jersey Devil, a creature that is said to have been stalking the state of New Jersey for the last two and a half centuries.


Scary Clown Stalks Northampton

naorampton clown front neg

Clowns are a real psychological fear for some people and although they are not paranormal in the least, I just had to share this story trending currently from the UK.

It seems that someone is dressing up as a clown in Northampton and is stalking the streets at night, just waiting to be ‘spotted.’

He even has his own Facebook page and has invited everything from praise to death threats as the story circulates around the world.


Friday the 13th!

When it comes to myths, urban legends and tall tales, there are some that are just classics.

Don’t let a black cat cross your path, breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck, Bloody Mary and don’t walk under a ladder.

However one superstition actually causes people to change their daily plans and gave birth to the title of a infamous horror movie franchise: Friday the 13th.

Of course, the idea that one day on any calender is more unlucky or strange then another is pure craziness…or is it?


Optical Illusion “Busts” Bloody Mary Game

Bloody Mary…Bloody Mary..Bloody Mary…

That is the incantation that you are supposed to chant in front of a mirror if you want Bloody Mary to appear. It has been the highlight of many a Halloween party and children’s sleepover for decades.

However, before you summon Mary in all her variations or test your belief in the Bell Witch by saying an incantation in front of a mirror, science has to say a couple words on the matter and invites you to take a little visual test as well to prove it’s point.


Disney Lawsuit: Legend or Fact?

By Thomas Spychalski

When it comes to myths and legends, there are some subjects that just seem to attract them like moths to a flame. Think of how many urban legends surround Elvis, or just how many times you have heard something new about the Amityville Horror case?

Another icon that seems to attract and creates weird rumors is Walt Disney and the Disney company.


Spring Heeled Jack is Back

In 1837, a woman by the name of Mary Stevens was walking in Lavender Hill in England when a dark figure leaped at her from an alley, ripping at her clothing and touching her with cold hands that were like those of a corpse. The next day when a similar figure attacked near Miss Stevens place of residence the mysterious figure displayed the characteristic that would give him his name as he stepped out in front of a horse drawn carriage, forcing the coach’s driver into an accident as the figure leaped over a nine foot high wall to escape.