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The Haunting of Al Capone

al-capone scary ghost

Al Capone is one of the most famous faces in the history of organized crime as well as one of the biggest ‘names’ of the twentieth century.

His legacy is forever entwined with that of the city he almost ran, Chicago, Illinois.

Alphonse Capone would move to the Windy City of Chicago in 1920 on the heels of crime boss and mentor Johnny Torrio. Torrio had hand picked Capone for his Chicago operations, where he hoped to be become rich with bootleg liquor sales in the wake of prohibition.

Eventually Capone would become a celebrity and a very powerful man no one wished to cross. It was after one of his most infamous acts of violence, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, that Capone would find himself haunted by the spirit of one of his victims.


School Closed Due to Ghost Attack


A primary school in Bungoma County, Kenya was closed late last month after multiple girls between the ages of seven and twelve began to exhibit strange  behavior such as fainting, seizures, tics and other involuntary movements.

Parents and school officials were quick to blame what they believed to be the primary suspects: ghosts, demonic possession or witchcraft.


Man Steals Corpse of Father to Revive Him

Vincent bright corpse father steals dead body detroit 2013

Vincent Bright


A forty-nine year old man from Detroit stole the corpse of his recently deceased ninety-three year old father with the intention of bringing his father back to life.

Vincent Bright removed his father’s remains from Gethsemane Cemetery in January of this year in the short time between the funeral services and the actual burying of the casket.


Planning a Halloween Party (in 1911)

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As many of you are no doubt planning themes for Halloween get-togethers next month, I thought maybe Ms. Ruby Ross Goodnow could help you plan. Actually, the party below, held on “Hallowe’en” at “eight o’ clock” in 1911, was also meant to be a housewarming party, for a brand new home, perhaps a bungalow or craftsman like the one pictured below. I found this article, originally published in the October 1911 issue of The Delineator, a few years ago and I just love it! (Note that a yearly subscription was $1. Sweet!) I’m considering planning a Halloween get together myself, and using this retro article as a starting point for a turn of the century theme!



From the October 1911 issue of The Delineator:


Entertainment in October

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