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Ghostly Fraud:

Jasmine Soh Fang Ling

Jasmine Soh Fang Ling

One woman in Singapore swindled thousands of dollars from an acquaintance that thought she was being haunted. Twenty-six year old Jasmine Soh Fang Ling used this to extort money from this scared and naive woman.

Although we have reported on a paranormal scam before, the amounts of money this woman gave up for piece of mind are staggering.



SFPD: Beware Of Ghost Scams

At a Taravel police station press conference investigators release scetches of 3 suspects and display a bracelet used in a scam bilking tens of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims

The San Francisco Police Department are informing residents about a scam involving the paranormal.

A group of Chinese Women have been scamming victims in the city’s Sunset District, and it seems their ‘activity’ is more criminal then paranormal.


Naked Doctor Who Fans on Twitter? (Updated)

By Thomas Spychalski

The BBC television series Doctor Who has become a cultural icon around the world and more and more proof of it’s expanding reach can be found with how it has spread out online.

The show, which was originally broadcast way back in 1963 has a cult following of rabid fans that literally live and breathe the show, especially after it’s return to our television screen in 2005.

But like all icons, you know it has really hit the big time when the show finds its way into the stranger parts of modern culture, such as what appears to be a ploy to lure male Doctor Who fans onto a pornographic website to see naked female Doctor Who fans.

No seriously.