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Fiendish Friends: Dolce Vita

12804465_10207060493403601_229886531_nEvery once in awhile we like to point out some of our extended family to readers of News From the Spirit World, as a sign of appreciation to them as well as letting out readers hear about projects and personalities which might be of interest to our readers.

Dolce Vita is a burlesque dancer, pin-up model and make up artist hailing from Chicago and she is a top tier performer in her field.


A potent mixture of class, charm, sex appeal and poise, Dole Vita’s live performances have entertained crowds all over the Chicago land area and her modeling work is quickly gaining notice online as well.

Currently besides her live performances and doing the 100 Days of Makeup challenge on Instagram, Dolce Vita is also among the candidates to become Miss Motoblot 2016 and you can lend a hand by voting for her by clicking here.


The Haunting of Al Capone

al-capone scary ghost

Al Capone is one of the most famous faces in the history of organized crime as well as one of the biggest ‘names’ of the twentieth century.

His legacy is forever entwined with that of the city he almost ran, Chicago, Illinois.

Alphonse Capone would move to the Windy City of Chicago in 1920 on the heels of crime boss and mentor Johnny Torrio. Torrio had hand picked Capone for his Chicago operations, where he hoped to be become rich with bootleg liquor sales in the wake of prohibition.

Eventually Capone would become a celebrity and a very powerful man no one wished to cross. It was after one of his most infamous acts of violence, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, that Capone would find himself haunted by the spirit of one of his victims.


Ghostly Pics: Wem Town Hall Ghost

There are many famous ghost photographs in the world, like the Amityville Ghost Boy or the lady sitting on a grave marker captured at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Illinois, but one of the most famous ghost pictures of all time is the one purportedly of the Wem Town Hall Ghost, which shows a little girl staring out from a building that is ablaze.

Taken by part time\ amateur photographer and sewage farm worker Tony O’Rahilly in November 1995 as he was standing across the street from the blaze at the Wem Town Hall.

Later, after the picture had been developed Tony and other noticed the strange girl in old clothing standing among the flames. Coincidence or one of the best pieces of evidence for life after death?