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Dobrev: Vampire Diaries Location Haunted

nina dobrev ghosts haunted piano

The Vampire Diaries is a very popular show, running on the CW network since 2009. In the series, actress Nina Dobrev plays Elena Gilbert and her Vampric look alike Katherine Pierce who both live in the very paranormal town of Mystic Falls.

It is said however that truth can be stranger then fiction, and according to Dobrev the unbelievable events have moved from the action in front of the cameras to the rooms behind the scenes.


Three Men and a Baby Ghost: (Paranormal Cardboard)

This is an urban legend I once fell hook, line and sinker for.

I first heard of the ‘ghost boy’ who appeared in the film Three Men and a Baby when my dad told me about it after reading the story in a magazine. The story said that if you went to a certain part of the movie, a little boy could be seen in the background and that little boy had died in the apartment the film was shot in.

In short, the little boy in the background of the film…was a ghost.