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Scary Clown Stalks Northampton

naorampton clown front neg

Clowns are a real psychological fear for some people and although they are not paranormal in the least, I just had to share this story trending currently from the UK.

It seems that someone is dressing up as a clown in Northampton and is stalking the streets at night, just waiting to be ‘spotted.’

He even has his own Facebook page and has invited everything from praise to death threats as the story circulates around the world.


Weird Avenue: Creepy Art

News From the Spirit World is still a young and inexperienced websites as far as web life and growth go, but we have quickly learned that there is a subculture for anything scary and creepy that goes hand in hand with the paranormal.

With that in mind, I just figured I’d give space to some of those who love the paranormal but do things in other fields, usually with a frighting or disturbing tie in.

One such venture is Weird Avenue, a collection of artwork drawn by Christopher Marsh, who sells his wares at this website.