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US Military ‘Busts’ Wayward Area 51 Tourbus


Area 51 has become a legend in UFO lore as well as US military history.

A site developed for secluded military aircraft testing, rumors of aliens and UFOs have made this a hot spot for believers and curiosity seekers since the base was formally revealed to the public in 1989.

Armed ‘Camo Dudes’ watch the approach from above the dusty road that leads to the base, civilians are not allowed past a certain point on the roadway and deadly force is authorized if you disobey the posted signs and try to venture closer to Area 51.

The infamy and the rumors made this a good destination for Adventure Photo Tours, which takes small groups out to the roadway, stopping before they cross onto the forbidden section of the road.

In late may of this year, tour bus driver Denis Ryan made a mistake and went past the posted signs and wound up in a bit of hot water.


UFO sightings by International Space Station crews

r-UFOSOVEREARTH-large570They say that in space no one can hear you scream… Well, the producers and marketing teams of the Alien franchise of Sci Fi films said that and it became one of the more well known movie taglines of all time. You may not be able to scream in space but it is certainly the most likely place where you might spot aliens.


UFO Sighted From Airplane (Pic)

A majority of passengers on a plane flying from the UK to the Island of Cyprus, including the pilots, saw a mysterious object in the air with them. The picture below is apparently of the light beams that the unidentified flying object ‘shot’ at the plane.

The object was also observed flying through the air at very high speeds.


Search For Alien Life Online!

By Thomas Spychalski

Seti Live is the new website where you can listen in to signals being picked up by the Seti Alien Telescope Array and help in the search for extraterrestrial life: