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The Wakefield Cathedral Ghost (Video)

mark-vernon-ghosts-wakefield-video-west yorkshire-haunting-real-photos

Recently Mark Vernon has had one of his many paranormal videos from his You Tube Channel featured by the press online including sites such as: The Wakefield Express, The Daily Mail  and The Mirror.

News From The Spirit World contacted the fifty year old self professed paranormal investigator and clairvoyant and asked him to tell us more about the video’s origins as well as more about Vernon himself and what he does in the paranormal universe.

What we got, besides some interesting video and photographic evidence to consider, was a compelling story about a man with a couple ghost companions and also offer from Vernon to use his gifts to help others with paranormal problems for free…

Vernon told us he hunts for ghosts with two spirits who are known to help and have given him assistance in his investigations over the years.

Mark's Photo of the spirit named "Kara."

Mark’s Photo of the spirit named “Kara.”

One spirit is of Sumerian origin and named “Kara” and the other is a twelfth century monk named “Father Daniel.”

The spirits are used to bring out any paranormal activity that may reside within a location according to Vernon and he is able to summon them at will.

They also are not afraid of being filmed or photographed and Vernon provided us with a picture of Kara, which you can see to the right.

Recently Mark Vernon and his two spirit companions visited the Cathedral in Wakefield, West Yorkshire which resulted in the video below which has recently gained popularity on the internet:

In the video you can see a shadowy shape move past the camera and a voice that appears to be saying: “I’m Here.”

Vernon shared with us the story behind the video and his other paranormal investigations:

mark-vernon-ghosts-wakefield-video-west yorkshire-haunting-real-photos

“I have been investigating [for] thirty-five years now…I help out people suffering from paranormal problems. I travel all over the country visiting and helping people in need [of help with the paranormal].

Over the years, I have trained my body to detect  spirit energy and I am very sensitive to it, I have a detection range of about 20 feet at the moment, that means if I walk into a room, I can normally tell you if its haunted straight away.

I have visited Wakefield Cathedral a few times as I find it a relaxing place to sit and mull over things.

It’s when I decide to have a walk round the place is when [the paranormal activity]  normally kicks off and after the major renovations that have just happened at the church, I was expecting a rise in sightings in or around the church.

I’ve never been in before with a camera.

I walked round for about four to five minutes,trying to find a portal…I can feel them if I walk through one but it is a different kind of  energy ” feeling ” but similar to spirit energy, and I can also hear [the portals] if they are open.

I was getting this feeling in front of the altar but beneath my feet…I don’t know the layout of the church in its lower depths as people are not allowed down there, but I will make an educated guess and say that there was a crypt below where the ghost was captured on film.

I did get some EVPs whilst I was there,some of them weren’t very nice !

I do believe the ghost says ” I’m here, ” as he walked in…I believe they are many spirits there [at Wakefield Cathedral].. .and the rest is history…”

Mark Vernon says he would like to state that anyone who wants help or advice about a haunting or other paranormal phenomena can email him at:

You can of course also find Mark on his You Tube channel.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Mark Vernon)

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  1. Lee

    I Personally have been on a Couple of Ghost Hunts with Mark , Every time We get something on Camera 🙂 The Spirit world is not for the Faint Hearted

    June 21, 2016 at 3:47 PM

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