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Man Spends 24 Hours In Haunted Bunker For Charity

bunker haunted essex nuclear

Usually I don’t post many news items that involve individual paranormal investigators or groups unless they have captured something interesting, but in this case I wanted to point out this story as it someone within the community doing something for a charitable cause.

Thomas Warrington from Sleaford will spend 24 hours in a haunted nuclear bunker from the 1950’s to raise money for Cancer Research UK in May of this year.

The bunker, which is one hundred and twenty-five feet below ground was decommissioned in the 1990’s and now is used for historical tours. The bunker can be entered from a passageway from the cottage that sits above it in Essex.

Warrington seems to be excited about the opportunity as well, judging from his statements about the upcoming charity event:

“I’ve always wanted to tackle this location as it ticks all the boxes.

It’s supposedly very active and, right up to this day, people are still reporting poltergeist activity.”

I’m very skeptical about the afterlife as I think most things can be explained scientifically. I think you have to be as an investigator. If you go in thinking it’s ghosts – then everything you hear or see becomes a ghost in your mind.”

Warrington also says he has been investigating the paranormal since he was just nine years old and has been on a large number of paranormal investigations.

To sponsor Warrington during his twenty-four hour fundraiser, please click here.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Sleaford Standard)

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