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Ghost Pic From Unknown Haunted Venue

Norfolk ghost

A paranormal ghost hunting group known as the Norfolk Ghost Hunters were in a reputedly haunted location when they captured the anomaly on the right.

Due to the venue still being used regularly, including many events that include children, the name and location of the building was not disclosed.

However, what we seem to have here is an almost full bodied apparition among the rows of pews at a church, which if you know your ghostly lore churches and other holy sites are great place to find ghosts and other paranormal activity.

Still as impressive as this ghost photo is, if you have ever read many of the articles here you will be quite aware that we will always look at things with a slightly skeptical eye, unless it is a reader submitted story.

However, the tale behind this eye catching capture is quite compelling, as told by photographer Jodie Carman to The Mirror:

“We knew there was something there with us that night, we could hear it moving around the hall around us.

But this photo definitely proves it there is no way that you can deny it as the shape is very clear.

When everyone saw it they were at first stunned into silence as everyone had seen me take the picture and knew there was no one in front of me.

Once people calmed down they were just amazed and everyone started treating the hunt a lot more seriously as they realized we had caught some very clear evidence.

There are lots of pictures that appear of ghosts, many of debatable quality but I think a photo like this is exceptionally rare, to get a clear shot, with nobody near it, completely un-tampered with.

It’s quite incredible and I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Perhaps partially due to the statements above made by Carman, this picture has now been published around the internet over the last two weeks or so with the headline that it could ‘prove’ that ghosts actually exist once and for all.

As much as I would be ecstatic with such a result, much more information and scientific based investigation would  be needed  before anyone can realistically make such a fantastic claim.

This could be motion blur, a trick of the light or any number of photographic trickery, be it the intention to create a fraudulent picture or just a creepy and happy accident.

Still, it is one of the clearer and more impressive ghost photos I have seen of late, so really hoping this one can eventually be proven to be real rather then another photograph that can be eventually explained away as something simple.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Mirror/ Norfolk Ghost Hunters)

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