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Comedian Busts Psychics in NYC


First let me say that I DO believe in psychic phenomena.

Personally my intuition once basically saved my life as a teen plus I have always felt that the mind has more power then we fully understand.

A couple of my own paranormal experiences are why this website is not totally skeptical about ghosts, UFOs and other strange events.

However, most psychics today are out there for one reason and one reason only: Bucks, dollars, shrapnel and cash. Whatever term you want to use, most paid psychics are out there looking for the bottom line.

To get your money, they will tell you that your lost and beloved bike is in the basement of The Alamo.

They may tell you they can contact your dead relatives, but really they are interested in portraits of dead people on pieces of paper  in your pocket, purse or wallet.

Which is why comedian and prankster Tyler Fischer went out into the streets of New York City to do something similar to what Houdini once did during the psychic and spirit photography boom of his time.

To prove that a majority of them are downright fakes.

Fischer went to several psychics in NYC and asked them the same queries.

Of course all of them gave varied answers about his life expectancy, love life and other matters.

There is a creepy bit where one psychic says she feels a ‘frequency,’ like she is being filmed, but let’s also remember that most of these frauds are like magicians.

‘Tells’ and cold reading people are their specialty.

Only subject they seemed to concur on is that Fischer will lead a long life, but with varying results as to how long exactly that life will be.

Again, this is because who wants to pay hundreds of dollars to hear they will be dying next week when they plop their head in their tomato soup at lunch? They tell you what they think you want to hear.

The video is below…what do you think of this expose video and what are your experiences and feelings about psychics? Let us know in the comments below.

(Via Huffington post)

Thomas Spychalski

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