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‘Emoji’ Ouija Board Being Created

emoja ouija board ghosts cute funny smileys

The act of Human beings trying to contact the dead on the other side has become a common part of paranormal research over the years.

Whether it be raps on a wall or table, direct communication through a psychic or automatic writing, spirit communication really collided with the general public since the talking board or ‘Ouija’ board was created in the late 19th century.

Since then many a horrifying tale, both fiction and non, has started with a group of friends using the tool to communicate with the great beyond.

The slow and painful act of waiting for the ghost to actually spell out his message seemed a bit out of date however to an enterprising trio who have brought ‘Emoji’ to the Ouija mojo.

It started with a vision of  using little graphical pictures on the board for the spirits to communicate with the living.

Ever wanted to know if the ghost in your house was in love, happy, sad, was trying to tell you about an old Indian burial ground or was in a murderous rage in hardly no time and via a cute ghost cartoon your kids will adore?

Your prayers may have been answered.

emoja emoujia ouija board ghosts cute funy smileys

The Emouija board is a mixture between a Ouija board and the friendly  ’emoticons’ or ‘smileys’ we use every day in text, online and various other virtual places during our 21st century existence

Instead of letters and numbers, small images display emotions and situations your ghost may be trying to convey to you.

The Project as described by the creators on their Kickstarter Page:

Why in the underworld would a modern ghost want to communicate with the living one letter and one number at a time? The freshly dead and impatient spirits of yesteryear need a better way.  Now, they have one.

The Emouija Board is here.

Or, it almost is. The board you see below is but a shadow of what we can build together. The final Emouija Board will be an encyclopedic tour of the most useful emoji for modern spirit communication, all laid out on a beautifully designed 18 x 18 quad-fold board and accompanied by a bespoke spectral hand planchette.


Of course, judging by the promotional video below and this picture to the right, in which one of the creators seems to be naked Tamagotchi pet, something makes me think they are not taking this important research seriously.

However if you want to support this project and perhaps in future even get your own Emouija Board, you can click here to check out the progress and help out.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via CNet/Kickstarter)


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