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Emma Stone’s Ghost Encounter

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Emma Stone is known for her roles in such films as Easy A, The Help, Zombieland and The Amazing Spider-Man series.

She is also apparently a believer in ghosts, magic and the paranormal.

Recently Emma Stone went on The Late Show With David Letterman and told the iconic host that the ghost of her grandfather visits her to this day…he evens leaves Emma quarters as gifts…

During a recent interview to promote Emma’s new film Magic in the Moonlight, which is directed by Woody Allen (and coincidentally Emma plays a psychic in the production), Emma is asked by David Letterman if she has ever had a metaphysical experience.

Stone reply’s that she has a ‘feeling’ she has, and goes on to mention that objects have just materialized around her.

According to the actress, her family has a ‘long history with quarters, although she says the full story behind that history would take far too long to explain.

She does say that the ghost of her grandfather leaves her quarters, something she seems to firmly believe is real:

“My grandfather leaves quarters.

It’s just amazing…and it’s him, it’s absolutely him.”

Stone also gets some laughs from the studio audience while describing ectoplasm as a ‘milky white substance’:

The conversation on the subject matter continues until David Letterman also shares a paranormal experience, this one concerning a female friend of his who died who the talk show host thinks is trying to let him know she is there is very subtle ways.

Later on Letterman says that during the recording of the show a light fixture ‘popped’ and Letterman and the studio staff think it may have been the ghost of Letterman’s dead friend that did it:

Of course no definite conclusions can be made about either story, but it does go to show that paranormal experiences are more common then we probably think and that happen to everyone.

(Via Late Show)

Thomas Spychalski

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3 responses

  1. That is so wonderful and refreshing to see someone so young and with so much influence coming out about her beliefs. When I was growing up it was something we hid. So times are in deed changing. Quarters, Pennies, Coins of any sort is a very common form of Spirit communication because the materials of the coins ie the copper, tin etc…is all natural and there fore easy for them to manipulate. Feathers are another common one. I will often have a feather fall from the ceiling of my bedroom or living room which is another sign my loved ones are with me. The light bulb popping happens because the Spirit is trying to manifest energy to communicate and kind of get a bit carried away lol It is also again very common. They did a survey that suggested the number of Americans alone who believe in Life after death was incredible 82% which is fantastic. As Americans like the British are a ‘Prove it’ Nation and also highly religious so that fact that they believe something happens when we die is in itself incredible.

    July 21, 2014 at 12:01 PM

  2. Loooooove!!!

    July 21, 2014 at 11:46 PM

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