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Dog Ghost Hunter Sniffs Out the Paranormal?

glimmer 2

I love dogs, they are amazing creatures that at certain times of my life have been among my best friends.

Dogs have also been trained to do wonderful tasks such as leading the blind, sniffing out bombs and drugs and watching out for our dwellings while we are away, protecting the property from intruders.

But what about a dog who is being trained to sniff out ghosts and other paranormal activity?

Holly Goddard believes it is possible and thinks her dog Glimmer might be the world’s first ghost seeking pooch.

Glimmer is a mixed breed, consisting of  Shitzu, Cocker Spaniel, and Golden Retriever.

Recently CTV News Calgary followed the ghost busting duo when they headed to the Cat N’ Fiddle Pub, which was a funeral home before it was a resting place for a different kind of ‘spirits.’

According to Goddard, who says she has been seeing ghost since she was a child, is now a paranormal ‘ghost hunter’ and believes that if a dog can sniff out explosives or other contraband, why not ghosts?

“Where humans are not always able to pick up on things, a dog can.”

Goddard brought Glimmer to the Cat N’ Fiddle and with a command of: “Search,” the game was a foot…or do we mean paw?

Glimmer & Goddard

Glimmer & Goddard

The Cat N’ Fiddle Pub, located in Calgary, Canada, is said to be home to a ghostly woman in red who stalks the Pub’s dart room as well as a male ghost seen in top hat and tails.

Even the Pub’s web site even mentions the ongoing sightings:

“A huge patio, pool tables, darts and games, we’ve got it all…even a resident ghost or two! (yes, the pub was previously a funeral home and there are stories of ghost sightings, but don’t worry we promise they’re friendly!)”

However, although there may be a spirit of the dead walking around in tails, the tail of this canine paranormal investigator did not wag at all during CTV’s filming.

Goddard challenged any ghost in the pub to make the dog ‘jump,’ but either the ghosts did not feel like playing, were dog tired or just plain uninterested because they did not manifest.

Goddard is determined though that Glimmer can be trained to spot the supernatural, even though she realizes many people may scoff at the notion of a dog with a nose for spirits.

What do you think? Can a dog be trained to hunt the dead as well as he has been trained to track the living?

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-Thomas Spychalski

(Via CTV News Calgary)

7 responses

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  2. I think this has probably all stemmed from Jason Hawes’ dog that began joining him on investigations a few seasons ago on Ghost Hunters. Dogs have been used on Ghost Adventures as well, but they seemed to be copying off of T.A.P.S.

    June 8, 2014 at 4:39 PM

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  4. Indeed dogs do seem to be able to sense the invisible…awesome. I have had instances of this many times here at home.

    June 14, 2014 at 6:59 AM

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