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Ghost Cat Captured On Film! (Shanley Hotel)

shanley hotel cat ghost

Ghosts and spirits are not always Humans returning from the dead.

Animal ghosts are just as common as Human ones and one paranormal investigator believes he has captured a phantom kitty cat on video at the infamous Shanley Hotel.

History of the Shanley:

shanley hotel old

The Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, New York was originally named Hungerford’s Hotel and was built in 1845. At the time it was very prosperous and was furnished and decorated with the very best.

In March of 1895 a fire started in a nearby structure and spread to the hotel, destroying all but the building’s foundation.

Later that same year the Hotel was rebuilt and then changed ownership on numerous occasions until October 1906 when James Louis Shanley (who was born on Halloween) brought the property along with his family, who all resided at the Hotel.

The Shanley Hotel became well loved over the years James Shanley ran the establishment and business wise the Hotel did very well for the Shanley’s.

shanleyhotel paper raid bordello

Famous guests included Thomas Edison and Franklin Roosevelt.

Despite all of the love and admiration for the hotel in Napanoch and the celebrities, the hotel was also a bordello at one time complete with police raids. There are also rumors of  people who went missing on or near the property and hushed up murder cases.

However, over the course of time many unfortunate and sad events would occur around the hotel, the Shanley’s and hotel employees, most centered around children.

James’ wife Beatrice would give birth to three children who would all die before they were nine months old, the hotel’s barber had his four year old daughter drown on the property and Beatrice’s sister Esther died in the building during childbirth.

A six year old boy was hit by a car between the hotel and a private residence’s driveway on one side of the property. The boy would later die from his injuries.

Al Hazen

Al Hazen

James Shanley would pass away of a heart attack on the 26th of August, 1937. Beatrice Shanley would then sell the hotel after her husbands death, but even that seemingly innocent event had a spooky twist.

The man she sold it to, Al Hazen, had been born on Halloween in a different year as James and died on the exact same day as James Shanley in 1944.

Sal Nicosia is the current owner of the hotel, which is in operation today as a paranormal tourist attraction.

The Haunted Hotel:

James Shanley himself has been seen at the hotel as a ghost over the decades, wandering around his once popular hotel that was also his family home.

Some guests have felt the sensation of being ‘bound’ or hand cuffed in the hidden basement room in the hotel, leading some to believe some terrible past event might have occurred there.


A boy named ‘Jonathan’ roams the third floor of the Shanley, playing with toys left in the rooms on that floor. Some believe this to be the child hit by the car many years ago right outside the hotel.

Jonathan however is not alone on the third floor as it is also said to be the home of ‘Claire’ a young woman who is said to be the victim of a clandestine murder or a woman who hung herself on the third floor.

There have also been reports of sounds of a woman weeping, a female ghost in Victorian period dress, woman’s jewelry being tugged, sounds of children playing, footsteps, sounds of music, voices, doors opening  and closing on their own and various out of place scents such as the smell of a tobacco pipe or a woman’s perfume.

Ghost Cat:

In January of 2013, paranormal researcher Stephen Barcelo went to the Shanley Hotel to investigate the paranormal activity taking place there.


Barcelo set up various cameras and recording equipment, including the infamous third floor, where there has been a lot of reported ghost sightings and strange incidents.

This included a video camera in Suite 13, where this video was captured:

What Barcelo caught does indeed seem to be a tail of  cat walking along in the hotel.

shanley hotel cat ghost

The hotel’s current owner, Sal Nicosia, says no cats were present in the hotel when the video was filmed, but he has an idea of who the ghostly feline may be:

“I had a cat close to 14 years and when I lived in the other house I would let the cat out and the cat would come back every day. When we moved into the hotel, the cat refused to go out. I couldn’t get the cat to come into my apartment. For some reason the cat wouldn’t come into that room. I would bring her into the room and she’d run right out the door so I started feeding her in the hallway,”

Of course, it could have also been a real live cat or someone having a bit of fun.

shanley hote; site

Either way, the Shanley Hotel is both a historic structure as well as a paranormal hotspot.

The hotel does not shy away from the spooky history of the property and you can even visit the Shanley Hotel yourself if you are so inclined.

Here is another video from the television show Scared that featured the Shanley:


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