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Ghost Haunts Toliet at Factory

ghost factory face negative

When we talk about ghosts in a factory setting we might be talking about ghost workers, fictional ghosts more terrifying to business leaders and the local government officials then any clanking chains or chilly fingers.

This is not the case however at a garment factory in Bangladesh where one woman claims that a ghost living in the toilet facilitates in the factory made her sick and caused the workers to riot.

It began when the unnamed female factory worker fell ill after being i the factory in the Gazipur District and the ill worker blamed her ailments on a ghost that resided in one of the factory’s toilets and had ‘attacked’ her.

gazipur district bangladesh

Although it might seem odd to hear of a ghost residing in the toilet area, in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures this type of ghost is much more commonplace.

This started a chain of events that eventually led to fourteen people being injured during a small riot after the nearly four thousand factory workers at the factory became agitated by the possible spirit.

Although a prayer ritual to rid the factory of the ghost, known as a milad mahfil was performed, many workers did not know about it and the riot ensued shortly after.

Factory officials blame this on a wild rumor started by agitators looking to start up trouble at the garment factory over wages and working conditions.

After the riot was ‘calmed down’ by police using batons and tear gas, a day off was declared at the factory to avoid further violence.

This one looks like a case of rumor, inciting people to act via their religious beliefs, working rights and conditions and possibly even mass hysteria.

One thing is for sure, your bathroom break at work might never look the same again.

(Via Dhaka Tribune)

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