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Ghosts ‘Talk’ at Haunted Pub

cathy Richards of The Plough Inn, Prestbury

Cathy Richards

The Plough Pub in the Village of Prestbury in Cheltenham, England has become a place where the spirits are not just in the wine and lager.

Pub owner Cathy Richards claims that she has multiple ghosts haunting The Plough and she called in a psychic medium to find out just who was staying at her establishment past closing time.

When she arrived the medium took a group to the third floor, whee she claimed to have made contact with three distinct spirits.

The first was a male named Jack who had died in 1934 at aged 38. Jack was said not to like the presence of women in the room.

Cathy said that the medium even described Jack’s appearance:

“[The medium] said he was a painter and decorator and she described what he looked like.

She said he was wearing one of those knitted tank tops and then started speaking (out loud) and said that the spirit didn’t like women in the room.”

There were also two women spirits on the third floor who made a ‘knocking’ sound to announce their presence.

Cathy said that the ghostly goings on have even been known to interrupt a customers drinking session:

“A couple of years ago, something happened in the top room,

One of our customers came in and she said somebody was sat next to her. When she took a double take, she said he disappeared.”

Maybe the ghost was just hoping to life the person’s spirits?

Either way, The Plough seems like a place for both a boo and a beer…

(Via Gloucestershire Echo)


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