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Japanese Ghost Collectibles

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Skeleton Key figures will release a set of five figurines over the next few months of 2013, representing five ghosts of Japanese legend.

The series of figures is called Shuonan, or “asylum for vindictive spirits to pay back their contempt and bitterness.” Each figurine is limited to a run of two hundred and fifty.

The first ghostly legend, to be released March 18th and seen in the pic at right, will be Oiwa, a ghost of a women killed by her lover and left to reside in dark waters  for the rest of time.

In April, Skeleton Key will release Bunya onto the populace, the blind traveler who was killed by the roadside and left to die without a proper burial.

May will see the ‘Matron of the Well’ or Okiku arise from the mold. Okiku is the spirit of a women who was sentenced to a watery grave in a well after misplacing an expensive dinner plate. They say she can be heard counting in the night, still trying to account for the lost dish.

Next up is something for the flesh eater in all of us with the release of the Gaki figurine in July.

Gaki is a disgusting creature that eats flesh and leaves gore in its wake…a ‘Phantom of the Gluttonous’.

Finally, August of 2013 completes the collection when Yuki Onna arrives, the ‘Empress of the Cold’. She is a spirit that will lure you into the ice and snow and leave you to freeze to death after you feel her breath upon your flesh…

As you can see, the figures have release dates strewn across the next few months of this year but they are available for pre-order now. More information can be found at the Skeleton Key website here.

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(Via Dread Central)

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