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Halloween Videos #2: Misc Videos

kid tv neg 2

Frozen Terror!

It may be February as I’m writing this and a week after Hallmark is done counting it’s blessings that Valentine’s Day comes once a year like clockwork, but as I was looking through my You Tube Halloween playlist I thought I’d share a few misc Halloween videos to warm up your Winter…

I also updated the first Halloween Videos post with a few new Halloween Prank Videos.

We start off our collection of oddball Halloween videos with Jerry Seinfield, who besides being a master of his own domain made some pretty funny observations about our favorite Fall holiday:

I have always loved the Swedish Chef from The Muppets for some strange reason, and this particular Halloween video involving pumpkin pie and bazookas never fails to make me smile:

Have you ever seen a pumpkin carve itself?

Well, in this excellent video, which is an example of apex stop animation, you can…

This next one you have to take as it is meant to be taken, as a joke, but I find it hilarious:

Of course nothing is crueler then losing all your Halloween Candy:

Being a guitar player, I just had to put this one in here as well:

Another thing I am obsessed with is cats.

Yes, I would and still could be a crazy cat person, or crazy cat man, or whatever the term might be.

So here are two videos concerning my favorite animal and my favorite holiday.

One big…

And one Small:

I also like British TV and if you have not seen the series Psychoville or it’s Halloween special, you are missing out:

If you have a favorite Halloween video, let us know about it in the comments below!

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