Weird News, Ghosts and the Paranormal.

‘Bud’ Grabbing Ghosts?

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I started this site for many reasons….to inform, to educate and because I get news items in my feeds about a ghost that seems intent on stealing some buds of quality marijuana.

See what I mean, where else can you get to write sentences like that one without being high yourself?

Yet that is what one grower of the infamous green leafed plant claims happened recently in his greenhouse.

Don't give in to Peer Pressure when a ghost offers a marijuana cigarette

Don’t give in to Peer Pressure when a ghost offers You a marijuana cigarette

An individual going by the name of Flightschool posted on the 14th of February in the Rollitup forums that he suspected a ghostly presence had removed a piece of one of his plants:

“I think I have bud ghosts….

went into my Flowering room tonight and there was a 6″ branch laying on the floor that broke off of one of my [plants].

It fell the Fudge off…

Nothing was even remotely close to touching [the plant].

[The] light didn’t fall, fan didn’t fall, she wasn’t subjected to hurricane force winds, She wasn’t LST’d or super cropped or broken stem prior or any other logical explanation.

There were no other damages or anything.”

I am willing to bet that despite the report above of a ghost looking for a way to lift their spirits by getting high (I had to), it may be that Flightschool has smoked a bit too much of his own product.

He even posted an image of the branch the ghost tried to get away with.

Of course, in the stoner world, it all has a happy ending, as Flightschool is happy to report:

On the bright side,

I made some cookies with the hash I made off of her and it is kicking my butt. There will be good sleep tonight! “

(Via Rollitup)

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