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New “Nessie” Pic Taken

new loch ness monster

George Edwards, A Scottish boat captain as well as a Loch Ness Monster hunter, recently captured an extraordinary picture while searching for the sunken remains of a steam engine near the infamous Loch.

Edwards, who has hunted the beast for twenty six years says the object seemed to be heading towards Urquhart Castle. Edwards claims to have viewed the creature for around five minutes.

The sixty year old would later claim that he had the photo checked out by “military personal” who told Edwards that the object pictured was indeed  something animate, not a log or a rock.

new loch ness monster close up

Despite such claims and validations, many have wondered why Edwards only has the ones shot of the creature if it was visible to him for around five minutes as he claims. Others have pointed to the still calm waters around the object, claiming that this proves that it IS indeed a stationary object like a upturned boat or a tree trunk partially submerged under the water.

Is this new viral photo proof that Nessie exists or another object mistaken to be the mythical creature of legend?

(Via Huffington Post)

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