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UFO sightings by International Space Station crews

r-UFOSOVEREARTH-large570They say that in space no one can hear you scream… Well, the producers and marketing teams of the Alien franchise of Sci Fi films said that and it became one of the more well known movie taglines of all time. You may not be able to scream in space but it is certainly the most likely place where you might spot aliens.

And aliens are what we are talking about today with a number of YouTube videos cropping up showing what are alleged to be UFOs taken by the cameras of the International Space Station (ISS) as reported in this Huffington Post article. In particular, videos posted by YouTube user Streetcap1 have caught the imagination of UFO hunters.

However, this may not be the time to start celebrating the discovery of alien life just yet. There are, as always, alternative explanations for these phenomena. According to James Oberg, former space engineer and current consultant for NBC news, these sightings have been made ever since man went into space and they are caused by a simple optical illusion caused by not being able to properly judge perspective in space.

“Spacecraft-generated ‘dandruff’ has been seen since the very first human spaceflights, when the non-intuitive relative motions and impossible-to-judge distances in the earthly environment of outer space tricked observers into misinterpreting visual stimuli,” he told the Huffington Post.

It does sound more plausible than the old chestnut about ‘weather balloons’ or the unusual brightness of the planet Venus. However, we will leave it up to you to decide from the videos if it is indeed a case of inexperienced eyes seeing something that isn’t there or actual evidence of alien vessels…

In a twist on the normal cliches of government conspiracies and aliens, however, there is an additional element to this story. Rather than hushing up the videos and silencing those who are posting them, NASA is taking an alternative approach. They are encouraging internet users out there to go to their live feed from the cameras of the ISS and help them spot these UFOs. In this modern, internet driven age it is certainly far more effective than men in black suits and mirrorshades.

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