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‘Exploding UFO’ De-Bunked

ufo exploding crashing breaking up

On December, 20th, 2012, amateur astronomer Elijah Prychodzko was gazing into the sky in Sacramento, California when a sudden flash of light seen through his telescope caught his attention.

Prychodzko placed his smartphone’s camera lens against the eyepiece of his telescope and recorded what seemed to be a disc exploding in the sky.

The story made some headlines in the local news and online earlier this year but despite the amazing video evidence, this UFO may be a little more down to Earth…

Following the video’s brief bout with fame were explanations from both the pro-UFO community’s and the skeptics. Everything from alien invaders to hoaxes to something possibly military related.

However, The Huffington Post recently published a piece that ,ay shed some light on what Prychodzko filmed that day.

Frank Warren, who is editor and publisher of The UFO Chronicles and is a forty year veteran of UFO research, believes the phenomena Prychodzko recorded to be an exploding weather balloon.

The Huffington Post published the pic below, which shows a still image from Prychodzko’s video on the right and a weather Balloon explosion captured in July of 2012 on the left:

ufo explosion sacremento december 2012 weather balloon

This conclusion is supported by the fact that weather balloons feature a radiosonde, which measures certain factors in the atmosphere and then sends them to a transceiver. This device hangs below the balloon and is usually seem to be  ‘in orbit’ around the balloon before it explodes.

Warren studied various weather balloon explosions and came to the conclusion that Prychodzko’s video was also a weather balloon:

“After reviewing several videos of ‘weather balloons bursting’ at altitude, it leaves no question as to what the image in the Prychodzko video really is. Like any case we dig into, one either finds ancillary evidence in support of a claim, none, or just the opposite. This one fell apart rather quickly — research 101.”

(Via Huffington Post)

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