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UFOs From A Plane? (Videos)

For some strange reason it seems to have become fashionable to see, report and capture images of UFOs from commercial aircraft.

We reported on one of the incidents last month, when a passenger took pics of a purported UFO while on a flight from the UK to Cypress.

Well now the aliens must plan on visiting both New York and South Korea as two more UFO sightings have popped up over the last few days, this time with videos.

Both videos are reported to have been taken on the same day: April, 7th, 2012.

In the case of the New York report, a passenger on a flight from London to New York filmed this video, which shows a saucer shaped object flying quite a distance below the plane before speeding off towards the end of the clip:

There is also a close up video from that same sighting that shows the object doing barrel rolls and being affected by wind:

As for the South Korea video, it is much clearer to see and the UFO is pretty impressive looking:

New York UFO

However, in my mind neither of these reports appear to be on the up and up…

I cannot help but wonder why neither person alerted fellow passengers and/or the planes crew to what was gong on. It seems to me that if I was taping something I knew would not be believed, I might want a few witnesses as well to help me collaborate what I was filming.

Both people also seem way too calm about seeing any kind of flying object while they are the in the air.

South Korea UFO

Also, in the case of the New York bound flight, the UFO does some amazing acrobatics in the ‘close up’ video, which although many hundreds of UFO reports has them doing amazing things in the air, I just don’t buy it.

Same goes in a different way for the South Korea video…the UFO just looks too good to be true.

As much as I’d like to say that these videos are proof of flying saucers I am afraid I’d have to say they are more turbulence then a smooth flight.

(Via Yahoo!/Gather)]

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