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UFO Sighted From Airplane (Pic)

A majority of passengers on a plane flying from the UK to the Island of Cyprus, including the pilots, saw a mysterious object in the air with them. The picture below is apparently of the light beams that the unidentified flying object ‘shot’ at the plane.

The object was also observed flying through the air at very high speeds.

A Mufon report of the incident was made:

Case Number 36128

City Konia
Region Paphos
Country Cyprus
Latitude 34.7875909
Longitude 32.4635115
Location Resolution Geometric Cente

1. We where on a flight from the UK to the Island of Cyprus. The event happened more then half way through the flight and we took pictures and videos. 2. I was filming the view from the plane when i heard people talk about the object behind me. 3. I had no idea what it could have been when i first saw it. 4. The object flew fast next to the plane then slowed its speed to match the plane. two beams emerged from the object that seemed to be scanning the plane (evident in picture) Then the object suddenly changed direction in very fast speed. 5. When I first saw the object i was scared as i didn’t know what it was. the whole plane apx 100 people saw the objects and started to panic. the captain then asked everyone to fasten their seat belts and not to panic. 6. we lost sight of the object when it flew away in a speed much faster then our plane. There are more pictures and a short video I just didnt get a chance to load them to the PC  –source: UFO stalker

(Via Ghost Theory)

One response

  1. research group

    Funny guy. Its a light flash reflection from your phone in the 3 layer window of the plane.

    November 19, 2015 at 10:31 PM

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