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Ghostly Goings Ons Bring Police

September 9th always seems a busy night for the police in Peterborough,Cambridgeshire, as recently almost every year it seems that at least one police record for that day contains the word ‘ghost’.

Although some of the occurrences below happen on other days, a good deal have occurred on the ninth day of the ninth month, and all in the Peterborough area as well:

“- On 9 September 2009: police were called to a report of a burglary in the PE1 post code area.

The caller told officers it was believed there was a ghost in their house but no trace was ever found.

– On 21 November 2009: a disturbance in a field adjoining a house in Thorney was reported.

Officers were told by locals that this may have been caused by the ghost of a child.

– On 9 September 2010: police were called to a home in Stanground one week after an attempted burglary.

Officers reported that a child had woken at night and believed that a ghost was trying to enter through a window.

– On 21 February 2011: officers stopped a “confused woman” in Peterborough city centre.

They noted that she appeared to be “talking to ghosts”.

– On the same date in the PE1 area, police received a call from a person who claimed to be hearing “ghost noises” as well as seeing hands coming over the top of a door.

The caller also reported a group of three males outside the property, one of whom was a white male.

– On 9 September 2011: a driver on the A47 in central Peterborough reported a person walking down a slip road onto the carriageway against the flow of traffic.

The driver was described to be in such a state of shock that it felt like they “had seen a ghost. “

Strange indeed, but some locals feel that the history of the area points to the reason for the heavy paranormal activity, at least according to Stuart Orme, who besides running the museum in Peterborough, also organizes local ghost walks as well:

“Peterborough is an ancient city with a lot of history and tales get built up over time.

“We have an historic cathedral and other old buildings with links to hundreds of people from the past.

“There have been lots of ghost stories in the city over the years and we go through these on our walks.

I would say that around 80 per cent of ghost stories can be explained with a rational answer.

But it’s the remaining 20 per cent that no matter how hard you try to think of one, no logical answer exists.”

Many places are said to be haunted in Peterborough, including the museum Orme works for, the Queensgate Shopping Centre and the Peterborough Cathedral.

Orme goes on to say that people will always love a ghost story, even those who are skeptical about the stories origins:

“Ghost sightings capture people’s imaginations because they are linked to our fascination about what happens after death.

I have met people who claim to have seen ghosts and some of them are the most down-to-earth rational men and women you could ever meet.

But when they start telling you about the ghost they saw their belief is completely rigid and no amount of reasoning can change their minds.

At the end of the day people are suckers for a good ghost story – even those who don’t believe in ghosts – and that’s never going to change.”

(Via Peterborough Telegraph)

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